One-fourth of the world's population lacks access to safe water. In order to ameliorate this situation, TECI contributes to improve the water environment in developing countries through planning, design and management of water supply facilities.

Water is one of the most essential resources considering health, economic development and ecosystem conservation.

However, about one-fourth of the world's population (2 billion people) do not have access to safe water. Additionally, more than 1.5 billion people do not have basic hand wash station at their home*.

TECI contribute towards the improvement of water environment in developing countries by providing technical services related to water supply facilities, including surveys, planning, design, and support for facility maintenance and management.

TECI studies and analyses core issues and provides our services in relation to environmental, social, economic, financial, organizational, and human resource perspectives as required.

*Source:WHO/UNICEF JMP (2023) Progress on household drinking water, sanitation and hygiene 2000-2022: Special focus on gender

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  • Capacity Development on Construction of Lagunbyin Water Treatment Plant under Greater Yangon Water Supply Improvement Project / Lagunbyin water treatment plant (Myanmar)