The project to enhance the capacity of South Sudan Urban Water Company(SSUWC) Phase 1・2

Republic of South Sudan
Term of Project


In Juba city, the capital of South Sudan, investment in water supply sector is insufficient and maintenance of water supply facilities are not properly implemented for more than 20 years during civil war. As a result, the existing facilities are deteriorating and they are in urgent need of renovation to improve its operating conditions.

Also, the Juba Branch of the South Sudan Urban Water Corporation (SSUWC) is responsible for the operation, maintenance of the water treatment plant and the collection of water tariff in the city. However, in addition to detrioration of facliity, SSUWC’s Juba branch staffs do not have sufficient knowledge and skills for operation, maintenance, and water tariff collection.

To tackle above issue, we develope Master Plan, execute construction of a new water purification plant, implement a project to renew and expand the water distribution pipe network as well as conduct capacity development to improve water environment of Juba city.

Water purification pond under construction in Juba
Preparatory Survey, Detailed Design and Construction Management on the Project for the Improvement of Water Supply System in Juba

Project Summary

In addition to improvement of water supply facilities by Japanese ODA grant scheme, it is also essential to strengthen counterpart's capacity building for sustainable and efficient operation of facilities. Therefore, above facility improvement project and a technical cooperation project are conducted in parallel. The goal of the project is to strengthening operational capacity of water supply business of SSUWC Juba Branch through improving operation and maintenance capacities.
To achieve above mentioned goal, we provided the following services:

* Due to outbreak of the civil war in July 2016, we have to stop our activities in South Sudan. To continue our support, we have arranged and conducted our trainings in Uganda, the neighboring country to Sudan , since November 2016.

Phase1 (2010-2013)

  • Enhancing operation and maintenance capacity for water intake, water conveyance, and water purification facilities
  • Enhancing operation and maintenance capacity for water distribution facility
  • Enhancing water quality management capacity
  • Enhancing understanding of financial management
  • Strengthening capacity support provided by SSUWC HQ to the Juba branch office

Phase2 (2016-2021)

  • Improving capacity for collection of water tariff
  • Promoting public awareness/educational activities for citizens
  • Improving non-revenue water management capacity
  • Improving operation and maintenance capacity relating to existing and new water supply facilities
  • Strengthening support and supervision system of SSUWC Headquarters in Juba