Kaoru KARIYA President and Representative Director
TEC International Co., Ltd.

As the record-breaking hot summer gradually recedes, we extend warm greetings from TEC International. Forest fires, droughts, and devastating heavy rains, resulting from extreme weather, have been reported worldwide. Global climate change undeniably poses a formidable threat to our planet. The urgent call to action, "No Time Left!", which was presented at the FIDIC Annual Conference in Singapore in September 2023, underscores the urgency to address climate change and emphasizes the vital role that consulting engineers play in this endeavor.

Climate change adversely impacts water resources and food security across nations. The recent surges in global prices and inflation, in particular, is not only hindering economic development but also destabilizing socio-economics in developing countries, often the most vulnerable in such situations. As these challenges, which have global ramifications, approach crisis levels, international cooperation becomes imperative. Despite the political divisions within the international community, the Global South, a coalition of emerging and developing countries, is fortifying its presence, uniting, and gradually shaping a new international order.

This year, the Japanese government has unveiled a newly revised development cooperation policy. In navigating through the complex crises that the world confronts, this policy advocates for the strategic expansion of development cooperation, grounded in equal partnerships with developing countries.

TEC International has actively contributed to cooperation with developing countries in areas such as water infrastructure and capacity development. Leveraging our experience and strengths as water consultants, we will expand our range of services, including responding to global issues and proposing offering-based cooperation, and strive even harder to grow as a development consultant that addresses the various challenges faced by the international community. We kindly request your continued guidance and support in this endeavor.

President and Representative Director