PROJECT 2024年2月27日(火) New South Sudanese Ambassador visits South Sudan Urban Water Corporation-Juba City Clean Water Supply Project in South Sudan(JICA)

In February 2024, the newly appointed Ambassador to South Sudan, Ambassador Odagiri, paid a visit to the South Sudan Urban Water Corporation (SSUWC).

During the visit, Ambassador received an explanation about the ongoing “JICA Technical Cooperation Project – Juba City Clean Water Supply Project in South Sudan (2022-2025)” and observed the water treatment plant constructed under the “JICA Grant Aid Cooperation - Improvement of Water Supply System of Juba in South Sudan (2012-2023)”. TECI has been contributing as an implementing member to both projects.

SSUWC warmly welcomed the Ambassador and Managing Director of SSUWC expressed gratitude for Japan’s significant support. In response, Ambassador Odagiri expressed his hope for the continued proper operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant and the ongoing supply of safe and stable water to the residents. The technical cooperation project works with SSUWC’s staff to solve a wide range of challenges, including not only the operation and maintenance of water treatment plant and supply facilities, but also financial and human resource development. We will continue our efforts to ensure that more residents can access clean water.